Sizes, Colours & General Information

A bit more about hand stamping .........

Hand stamping is just that, every letter is individually hand stamped by me.  Please do not confuse hand stamping with engraving, I do not engrave.  Hand stamping means you can have any personalised words, writing and dates on your item.  As every single letter is individually hand stamped so you will never get two items exactly the same.  The letters I stamp will not always be "perfect" meaning in a straight line etc but this all adds to the quirky nature of hand stamping. 

We use 1.5mm - 2mm thick aluminium metal.  Due to the nature of hand stamping, hitting each letter with a hammer, the stamping does show through somewhat on the other side of the blank.  This is why we do not offer hand stamping on two sides of an aluminium blank.


Caring For Your Jewellery

Jewellery I make is fashion jewellery and should be treated as such.  I use aluminium stamping blanks which are hypo-allegenic and will not rust.  All findings and chain are aluminium or stainless steel (necklaces) and silver plate (keyrings), lead and nickel free.  Please remember to take your jewellery off when using water or cleaning products. You should also apply body lotions and perfume at least 15 minutes before wearing jewellery. 


Below is a list of sizes and birthstone colours I use.  

If you are ordering a bracelet I make these at a standard 7" ladies (please let me know if you need yours making smaller or larger) and childrens I make to order so please do not forget to let me know the age or approximate size you would like the bracelet making.


18-19" - Ladies

16" - Children

20" - Men 

Children's Bracelets 

3-5 years - 6"

6-12 years 6 1/2"

13+ - 7" 

Ladies Bracelets

7" standard 

Please let me know if you require smaller or larger


Birthstone Colours